CEO Jim Blake of Unity Church is The Zen Executive

2022 | 44:58 | Empowering Women |

Jim Blake is the CEO of Unity world Headquarters. Unity is a spiritual nonprofit founded in 1889 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Unity movement helps people of all faiths and cultures apply positive spiritual principles in their lives. Jim tells his own story of struggle, loss and growth in his own life that bright him back too Unity to serve as CEO. He shares how he observed many different leadership styles in his career that motivated people to be the best they can be as well as the opposite side of the spectrum of management. He has taken his real life experience and spiritual knowledge and written a fabulous book, The Zen Executive. This is a wonderful book to create new leaders for the future.
We discuss mediation, affirmations, manifestation and leadership skills. Great information to create balance in your life.
You can find Jim Blake on this website: or visit the Unity movement:

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