Creating Heaven on Earth & Healing with Dr. Scott Werner, MD

2022 | 1:02:09 | | Empowering Women |

Dr. Scott Werner was born with the gift of high dimensional sight, which means he "tunes into" someone,
he would not only see them on the physical level but also "see" them on multi-dimensional levels.
Scott has had five near death experiences, the first at the age of 13. Each time he came back into consciousness, returned
with inner knowledge that his role in this life is to assist in the "healing of humanity", and his gifts
were enhanced to the degree that he intuitively saw the physical body. He is an amazing Medical intuitive.
On the show we talk about the negative attacks on us daily as the war between good and evil continues. We discuss the issue of abortion as Scott is a former OBGYN.

He is now working with herbal medicines to heal in his practice.
Scott healed his own cancer using parasite cleanses and tells the story on the show.
He talks about Adam and Eve and their role that brought about the change in our DNA strands over time.
We talk about the mass raising of our vibration this month as
Humanity is Waking Up! Fabulous hour with Scott Werner, MD.

His website is 435-986-0025 to make an appointment.
For Your Angel Message visit to book your date and time for your intuitive reading.

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