Crisis to Spirituality with Frank Pascituti & Host Nancy Yearout

2022 | 53:58 | Empowering Women |

High Road to Humanity Podcast - Recovering from a life ordeal- be it death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, or a serious physical injury or sickness, sometimes result in personal and spiritual growth. Frank Pasciutti, PH.D. calls the transformative experience a " Chrysalis Crisis. He uses the metaphor, because it marks a phase in the caterpillars' transformation to a butterfly that follows its metamorphosis ( or meltdown).His book is titled, Chrysalis Crisis, How Life's Ordeals may lead to personal spiritual transformation. This is an informative show about spiritual growth and psychic abilities from the viewpoint of a clinical psychologist. Thanks to Frank for coming on my show and sharing his insight.

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