Kimberly Palm Shares The Real Fountain Youth & Stress Management P.E.A.C.E on High Road to Humanity

2022 | 54:09 | Empowering Women |

Kimberly Palm joins us to help reduce the stress in our lives, as studies have shown emotional stress is one of the leading cause of illness. She shares her thoughts about the power of forgiveness and we talk about
Ho' oponopono the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness. We talk about negative thoughts and judgment of others. She shares her stories of Jesus (Yeshua) Kimberly is an author and spiritual teacher and adviser for seekers of the truth on their journey. She is also an energy healer and a shaman. Kimberly has been speaking with Yeshua Christ, Mary Magdalene and Mother Father God scene she was little girl. Kimberly is also a certified a meditation and mindfulness instructor.
Her website is:

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