Know the Name Know Your Health- What Causes Dis-ease-ment in the Body with Sharon Lynn Wyeth

2022 | 48:08 | Empowering Women |

Our thoughts and emotions create our reality. Sharon Lynn Wyeth explains how the letters in our names can be an indicator of our health situation. She explains how to use this book to give us some guidance on our current health and what areas of our body are weak so we know what to look out for. This is definite preventative medicine for everyone.
 She talk about Dis-ease-ment in our body and how we can become healthier, in her new book, Know the Name, Know the Health.
  Its Amazing that we can know more about our health by knowing the meaning of the letters in our names. This information also reveals what we are working on in this lifetime health-wise and what health issues are inherited. Sharon gives us the reason illness occurs in the body, why there is Di-ease. Her website is:

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