Learn to Heal Yourself- Supercharged Self Healing with Metaphysical Teacher Rj Spina on High Road

2022 | 53:14 | | Empowering Women |

An Amazing true story of self healing on High Road to Humanity. RJ Spina shares his story of how he healed himself from chest-down paralysis. This is life changing information for humanity to learn in order to heal our energetic bodies. RJ's new book, "Supercharged Self Healing" comes out on November the 8th 2021.RJ Spina is a metaphysical teacher and guide who over came chest-down paralysis, diabetes, pancreattis, Hoshimotos's disease, and several other serious illnesses. He offers healing, counseling, meditation and se-realization instruction throughout the world.
His website is www.AscendtheFrequencies.com

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