Lotus in the Pond - Song Divine- The Bhagavad Gita Rock Opera, featuring Deepak Ramapriyan

2022 | 5:46 | Inspirational |


 Lotus in the Pond features vocals by Deepak Ramapriyan in the role of Krishna.

The Bhagavad Gita is the second-best-selling book and the second-most translated book in the WORLD after the Bible. And now this iconic Indian scripture is an album of songs in the ROCK OPERA style of Hamilton, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Godspell. All songs were written by Lissa Coffey and David Vito Gregoli. Deepak Ramapriyan sings the part of Krishna on Lotus in the Pond. Kimberly Haynes sings backing vocals. Visit our website to learn more about the album, the book, our Daily Gita videos, newsletter, free downloadables and so much more.

Keywords: spirituality, lissa coffey, patti conklin, song divine, bhagavad gitaa

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