Magical Trees and Their Healing & Spiritual Aspects

2022 | 0:10 | Empowering Women |

Trees were here on earth long before humans and most creatures. They come in every shape and size and are known to take a humans breath away with their seasonal display of vibrant and electrifying colors. Throughout the ages, civilizations have used trees to represent gods, myths, legends, rituals, creation stories and oracles, in this book Kac Young PhD shares much wisdom. Magical Trees is filled with information about the spiritual healing aspects of trees on Earth.

Keywords: Magical Trees, Kac Young PhD, Nancy Yearout, High Road to Humanity, wisdom, trees, guidebook, magic, soul, earth, crystals, essential oils, medicinal, flowers, gardens, willow, love, cedar, apple, alder, yew, pine, linden, lemon

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