Mold and Lyme Disease - Use Your Mind to Heal with Dr Miles Nichols on High Road to Humanity

2022 | 44:11 | Empowering Women |

The book, Surviving Mold and Lyme disease is written in a way to appeal to both the survivors of mold illness and Lyme disease as well as the clinicians treating these diseases. Dr. Miles Nichols joins me on the High Road to talk about the 325% increase of this disease reported by the CDC in 2015.
Dr. Nichols is a functional medicine doctor specializing in Lyme, mold illness, gut, thyroid and autoimmunity. After Dr. Miles personally snuggled with chronic fatigue o his early 20's. Dr. Miles dedicated himself to figure out the root causes. He suffered with and recovered from thyroid dysfunction, autoimmunity, a gut infection, Lyme infections, and mold illness. His practice is Medicine with Heart, Mind-Body Functional Medicine.
The Book is called: Use Your Mind To Heal Your Mold And Lyme

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