PASSPORT TO THE PARANORMAL with Rich Newman- 200 Terrifying Places You Can Visit Across the U.S.

2022 | 49:49 | Empowering Women |

Today on the High Road Rich Newman tells his story, how he got into the paranormal business and writing about his experiences. He shares many ghostly encounters with us on the show that occur in the hotels of the Old West in New Mexico and Colorado as well as his experience at the Stanley Hotel which inspired Steven King to write The Shining. There are 200 Terrifying Places you can visit, all featured in his new book. Rich Newman is the author of several books exploring Hastings, ghost hunting and the supernatural. He has made appearances on paranormal television programs around the world. His website is RichNewman.US
The Book is fabulous and covers all 50 states "Passport tot the Paranormal"
Fun Show!

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