Perceptions of Health with host Patti Conklin and guest Frenesa K Hall, MD

2022 | 31:39 | | Health |

"I've done a lot of extra training and courses and classes and webinars on nutrition and functional medicine and the approach where the solution isn't a pill; the solution is we're looking at the cell and how it functions." - Frenesa K Hall, MD

Patti welcomes back her guest, Frenesa K Hall, MD, for a discussion on how our perceptions of our lives and health impact our wellness. What we believe is what we receive. We are limited by the beliefs we hold about how and when our bodies can heal. Removing these limitations allow our bodies to do what they do best: heal and grow. 

Patti Conklin is an author, radio and TV personality, and vibrational mediator. She has 30 years of experience in vibrational medicine, often traveling around the world as a keynote speaker or even to work privately with those in need.

Frenesa K Hall is an internal medicine physician by training. Early in her career, however, Dr. Hall realized allopathic medicine had its limitations. Dr. Hall began studying complementary medicine and incorporating it into her everyday practice.

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