Predictions for March with Astrologer Claudia Trivelas on Nancy Yearout's High Road to Humanity

2022 | 46:35 | Empowering Women |

Predictions for March with Astrologer Claudia Trivelas on Nancy Yearout's High Road to Humanity

With all that is happening today with humanity ii is nice to have Claudia Trivelas tell us what she sees astrologically for the future of the planet. 
We discuss the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and she reads Vladimir Putins chart!
 There is a New Moon in Pisces that began on March 2nd and a New Moon in Jupiter bringing hope & optimism today. 
Claudia says, this is a good time too, "Seed Something New." She talks about the Sabian symbol- 
An ancient Sword, used in many battles and the correlation between the sword and the statue of Archangel St. Michael that stands in the capitol city of Ukraine, Kyiv. 

Nancy reads a message that I received from Archangel Gabriel for Humanity.
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