The Galactic Earth Council Reintegration of Earth Kin And Star Kin with Celestine Iisha Star

2022 | 50:55 | Empowering Women |

Celestine Star tells of her near death experience at six years old and of her experience as a young girl boarding a ship with the greys. Celestine Star D.D. has been called a "woman of Divine Grace" for our evolutionary times, possessing great knowledge, wisdom and expertise in many fields of of endeavor. She is a holistic Therapeutic Healer, Grandmother Wisdom Keeper, and Keeper of Great Mysteries. Celestine shares her experience in Alamogordo New Mexico when the skies were open by atomic testing.
We discuss the greys , the reptilians and the Celestial beings of light who are here to help humanity. Amazing information! Please share with your friends. 

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