The Paper Tiger Syndrome with Rebecca Ward

2022 | 45:41 | Empowering Women |

Rebecca Ward joins me on the high road to tell her story of loss
and her liberation from loss and fear. Rebecca is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in grief and loss,
trauma, stress reduction, and psychological symptoms associated with chronic illness and terminal illness.
As a trauma survivor, Her career took her in a completely new direction when she was diagnosed with 3 different cancers.
Her work today is informed by somatic based practices.
We talk about her childhood with an alcoholic father and how she overcame the internalizing of her emotions.
She tells her story of the loss of her twin boys Nathaniel and Eliot and how they assist her today from the other side.
Her New Book, The Paper Tiger Syndrome is a wonderful tool to help anyone who has experienced trauma to become
joyful and balanced. Definition of a Paper Tiger- something or someone that appears to be a threat, but in reality, is powerless.
Her website is:

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