The Way Of The Empath - How Compassion, Empathy & Intuition Can Heal Your world With Elaine Clayton

2022 | 51:17 | | Inspirational |

Elaine Clayton says " Empathic sensing is the art of seeing the unseen and welcoming the mysteries of life through psychic events and fun encounters with yourself and others." 
There are many empaths on the planet helping humanity to raise the vibration. Many empathic people are just beginning to recognize themselves. This book is a guide to understanding yourself if you are an empath and for others to understand your loved ones who may have the gift of empathy. On the High Road, we discuss how to protect yourself against unwanted energies, signs that you are an empath, day dreams, synchronistic signs, empathy drawing and our own stories. This is a fabulous book for any one you know who is empathic.
The book is called: The Way of the Empath
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