What's It Like On The Other Side? Healing From Great Loss with Ann Clark PHD, RN on High Road

2022 | 46:00 | Empowering Women |

Ann Clark, PhD, RN Joins me on the show to tell the story of her great loss, her daughter Stephanie. In her new book, "Healing From Great Loss" She tells us how to work through the grief and to reconnect with your inner self. A great loss is the soul's invitation to return to the purpose we have set for this life after we have lost our way.
We discuss Guidance from the angels and our spirit guides and amended masters. Ann shares her work as a "Life Between Lives Facilitator" and what that experience hash taught her. In her book it says: Before we come to earth, we plan each life carefully. We decide what lessons we want to learn and who we will be and where we will be born." Fascinating Read and a Fabulous Conversation! Share with Your Friends.

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